Tuesday, January 20

The Keepers Babe Of The Day

Over the weekend, one of my favorite webistes vanished. I couldn't find The Keepers Babe Of The Day. I've been reading it religiously for over 10 years. So, I e-mailed the keep. Evidently, without warning, his ISP went out of business. So he had to move. Here is the new link to The Keepers Babe Of The Day. I've mentioned it here a few times, even had some of my photos posted there, so here once again is a shout out to The Keepers Babe Of The Day webiste.

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Thanks for the information. I wondered what happened to
UTI Systems http://www.uti.com
and the Keeper's web page. I'm a loyal viewer for over 10 years.
Thanks, man. I've really been wondering what happened. I hope everyone else is able to find their way back to his new site.
Yeah, i wanna thank you too. Life hasn't been the same without the Keep.
thought my life had ended.... thanks heaps from OZ.
Thanks for the info, I was worried something had happened to him. I have been a regular visitor for over 10 years.
Ran across your blog when i was google searching The Keep. Glad I found him and thanks for posting what you did, Even though I am female, I am a longtime fan of his site myself!
Mrs Danya, you're my kind of woman. So, when is your 253rd Birthday?
Thank you!!!! I've been searching every day ever since The Keep's site went down. Things feel normal again.
Myself and several others at my work thank you for this, the e-mails have already been sent to all them about his new home.

Tips Hat
is there a way to get back to the keeps site,life isn't the same without the babe of the day....DJ
There are at least three links to the site in my original post. I'd suggest you click on the links.
thank you so much life is good again now i have a reason to wake up everyday thanks again...DJ
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